MommyCon Austin 2017 Schedule and Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, mamas! MommyCon Austin is a little less than two weeks away, and I am so excited! I am so lucky to have been invited to be a part of the blogger collective again, and I get to be a part of the media team for the VIP session that Friday as well (more on that later!). AND I have a pair of tickets to giveaway too! Check out my Instagram @sharonisamom for the ticket giveaway (good luck!). The giveaway closes on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, and a random winner will be drawn to win a free pair of tickets for MommyCon, so bring a friend to share in the fun!

MommyCon vendors |

The general admission day is on Saturday, June 3 at the Austin Convention Center. There will also be VIP sessions available the day before on June 2 as well. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can use my code SHARONISAMOM17 to get $5 off your general admission ticket (you can use the code for any of the MommyCon locations, not just Austin!).

I always seem to luck out on the timing for MommyCon. Last year, my husband had a trail race in the area that he wanted to do that evening, so our trip worked out perfectly then. And this year my husband and son will be going to San Antonio (not far from Austin) for my nephew’s graduation that weekend, so we just have an extra excuse to be staying in Austin for the weekend. Plus it’s our anniversary weekend, so we’ll get to spend an extra day in Austin having fun and eating lots of delicious food. So looking forward to it!

If you’ve never heard of MommyCon before, I’ll let you in on the details! Last year was my first time at MommyCon, and I loved it! It’s all about breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapers and more! It’s a great place to find your new Mom BFF and be surrounded by a group of like-minded mamas. There are a wide variety of sessions to check out, a ton of awesome vendors, and at the end, they giveaway thousands of dollar worth of awesome baby gear! Plus the swag your get in your general admission bag is fantastic too. You get so much for the price of your ticket!

They just released their finalized schedule for MommyCon too, and I’m going to go over a few highlights of the sessions I’m most looking forward to below.

Let’s start with Friday’s VIP session: Not Your Momma’s Baby Shower! This VIP session will be so much fun, with a 1950s ice cream parlor theme, complete with food, games, prizes and more! Plus Jessica Martin-Weber (AKA the Leaky Boob) will be hosting with Ameda. I am already Pinteresting 50s hairstyles and hoping I have a dress that will work. I Thought this VIP session is too perfect for me to pass up, since I’ll be 4-5 months pregnant come MommyCon! It’ll be a co-ed baby shower too, so both moms and dads are welcome. They’ll even have Ameda Aunties there to help if you are bringing your little ones too!

For Saturday, I think I’m most looking forward to the birth story circle. Pregnant or not, I have found that I love hearing other people’s birth stories and sharing mine as well. But since I will be pregnant at this year’s MommyCon, I am especially looking forward to this session!

Another one of my favorites on the schedule for Saturday is the session on Natural Remedies for Common Childhood Ailments. I love having natural options to try and help my little one feel better instead of going straight to medicine. Heck, even if I wanted to do the medicine, it always tastes so gross, my child spits it right out anyway. So I am looking forward to hearing more natural ways to prevent and treat things like ear infections, sleep problems, reflux, colic and more!

And that’s just a taste of what’s on the schedule! All sort of topics will be covered, like Breastfeeding and Pumping Q&A, potty training, cloth diapering 101 and much more! Check out the full schedule below!

MommyCon Austin 2017 Schedule |

Don’t forget to use my code SHARONISAMOM17 for $5 off your ticket and check out my giveaway to win a free pair of tickets to MommyCon over on my Instagram @sharonisamom! Hope to see you guys there!


Our Nursing Journey

I have two big pieces of news to share with you guys today: one is happy news, and the other comes with much sadness for me. I’ll start by sharing the happy news, then I’ll get into the sad news later.

So, first things first, I am pregnant! As I write this, I am 11 weeks pregnant with our second child, and our due date is November 6. We are so excited for our little family to grow, and I know Ellis will make a sweet big brother.

Now for the sad news. This is hard for me to write, and I don’t feel like I have many people I can talk to about it either, as not everyone will understand. I think our nursing journey has come to an end. My big goal for nursing Ellis was to make it to two years, per World Health Organization recommendations, and Ellis turns 2 in about two more weeks. I know that making it this far is good, and I’m not kicking myself too much over not quite making it to the two-year mark.

The hardest part about all of this is how this is ending. I had thought Ellis would start asking to nurse less and less, we’d let him self-wean, and that’s how this would end. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Being pregnant, my body and my hormones have changed, and the last week or so I could tell my supply was going away quick. I would normally nurse Ellis down for his nap and to get him to sleep at bedtime as well as throughout the night.

But lately he would nurse, and instead of falling asleep, he would finish and seem aggravated, then he’d be tired, and we didn’t know how else to get him to sleep, and he’d end up staying up late. When he’d wake up at night, same thing, he’d nurse, but it wouldn’t work to get him back to sleep. He seemed upset, then he’s ask for water or a banana (he’s never asked for either during the night before).

While I know I could continue to dry nurse him, it didn’t seem like it was helping him, and it seemed to be frustrating him more than anything. We decided that maybe it was just time for me to stop breastfeeding, and that would be best for all of us in the long run.

From the last time Ellis nursed. He loves to play with my hair.

So we began the process this past week of weaning, and it has been a rough week on all of us, (although it has gotten better this weekend). It has been so hard for me, when Ellis is sad and frantically signing “milk milk milk,” then having to explain to him that “mama doesn’t have any more milk” then offering fridge milk and snuggles instead. Well, he doesn’t like that answer. He then would start hitting himself and crying more, and contorting his body like something out of the Exorcist. Not being able to give him what he asks for has been so hard for me. I am fighting back the tears having to tell him that I’m sorry, I don’t have any more milk, I wish I could.

To be honest, it makes me feel like a failure, like I’m letting him down, and I feel selfish that we are stopping. It has been a hard week on all of us, and I have cried lots over this, as has Ellis.

It has been a challenge to figure out how to get him to sleep, but my husband had a long weekend off for Easter, so he’s been able to help with bedtime, and it’s taking less and less time and struggle to lay down with him and get him to sleep, thankfully.

The trickier part seems to be naptime. We have yet to master our transition for naptime, so naps have been crap or non-existent this last week. Normally he would nap around 2 hours, or at least an hour and a half, but this week it’s been only 40-45 min even with nursing, and without, it’s either no nap at all, or if we happen to be going somewhere, he got a little nap in the car seat. We’ve tried to give him a good meal and play outside before naptime, trying the same thing we do at night, by laying down with him, and try and get it as dark as we can in the bedroom (which is harder in the afternoon than it is at night, of course). So far we’re not having much luck, but I’m hoping we’ll get it to work this week.

Those sweet brown eyes looking up at me…

And the other really hard part about this is how much I miss our nursing snuggles. I would run my fingers through his hair, and it’d calm both of us down. I miss him looking up at me under his long eyelashes, and the way he’d always reach up and grab my hair. I miss the closeness, and falling asleep with him as he’d nurse, and the way his hair would get sweaty when he’d nurse at naptime. He was easily distracted, so I’d always lay down in bed with him to nurse. I’ll miss those quite, peaceful times we had together.

It’s been two days since Ellis nursed last, and I still can’t believe it’s over. I knew when I got pregnant that my milk supply might dry up, but I didn’t think it’d be this soon.

My little boy is growing up, and I hope that he still needs my snuggles and kisses and doesn’t stop being the sweet mama’s boy that he is now that our nursing journey is drawing to a close. I never thought it would be this hard, but all I can seem to do right now is cry buckets about it.

To those still nursing, soak in all those sweet breastfeeding snuggles while it lasts, mamas.

With love and tears,

MommyCon Giveaway

MommyCon Austin is only one month away! It is going to be my first MommyCon, and I could not be more excited! The general sessions are on Saturday June 25, and VIP sessions are on Friday June 24th. I am practically chasing my tail with all the excitement, and I am so happy that I get to be a part of the MommyCon blogging team as well!

MommyCon Growing together
Is this not the coolest graphic ever?? I am obsessed!

First off, what is MommyCon? It’s a convention series all about natural, gentle parenting. I’ll be going to the one in Austin, but MommyCon will also be in many other cities across the nation. With many awesome speakers on the lineup, the biggest focus will be on birth, breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering. In other words: all the crunchy-mama things I love! So of course I am going!

MommyCon 2016 |

Tickets are only $45, but you can use code SHARONISAMOM16 to get $5 off your ticket.

MommyCon will be a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded mamas, moms-to-be (and dads too!), discuss, learn, and grow together. AKA build your tribe! This will be a great opportunity to make some new friends. One thing I love most about motherhood is the friendships I’ve made. Parenting can be tough at times, but it’s great having friends to talk to and laugh with who are going through the same things as you and understand where you’re coming from.

MommyCon swag |
Here’s an example @itstheaveragejo shared on Instagram of the general admission swag bag she got at MommyCon Chicago. Swag will be different city-to-city, but I love seeing examples!

Oh, and the swag. How have I not mentioned all the glorious swag you’ll get to take home?? You get a bag full of cool baby gear with your general admission ticket. If you sign up for additional VIP sessions too, you’ll get even more swag to take home from each VIP session you attend as well. I won’t lie. I was up until 3:15 a.m. one night pouring over MommyCon hashtags on Instagram and drooling over the loot ladies went home with. PLUS each event ends with $10,000 worth of giveaways! Yes, I too am gawking at that number on my computer screen. You may want to pick your jaw back up off the floor at some point though!

MommyCon giveaway | sharonisamom.comNow for what you’ve all been waiting for… I’m giving away TWO tickets to MommyCon Austin! Head over to my Instagram (@sharonisamom) for your chance to win. The giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. on June 3, so make sure to get your name in the drawing! Good luck, mamas!

For more info on MommyCon, check out their website at