Diaper Bag Must-Haves

When I was pregnant, I was obsessed with lists. I wanted to know what exactly I needed and did NOT need in my diaper bag, hospital bag, and on my baby registry. Today I will tackle the diaper bag.

Diaper Bag Must-Haves by sharonisamom.wordpress.com
AKA what’s in my diaper bag


What you keep in your diaper bag will, of course, vary depending on each person (bottle feeding, formula, cloth v. disposable diapers, etc). As your LO gets older (ours is 6 months), what you carry in your diaper bag will change too. For example, if baby’s started solids, you might carry around snacks, baby food jars, spoons, bibs, etc. This list here is what we use, but do whatever works best for you and make adjustments to the list to fit your needs. You might also want to print a check list to make sure you don’t forget anything before running out the door.

Without further ado, here’s what a list of what we keep in our diaper bag!

The bag: I use a Thirty-One backpack. I thought the backpack and neutral color would be good for when my husband’s carrying it. He even got complimented on it by another dad when he made a trip to Home Depot! I was going to embroider with our little guy’s first name on it, but took my friend’s recommendation and opted for last name instead to transition better for the next baby.

Diapers: duh. Kind of no opting out of this in your bag. Pack whatever works for you. In the early days, we used gDiapers, so we packed inserts and disposables “just in case.” Before the little man came along, I know I wanted to give cloth diapering the good ol’ college try, but kind of thought deep down that it might not work out, and that we’d end up using disposables. Anyhow, we’re using pocket diapers nowadays (LO’s 6 months old), and no plans on going to disposables. Loving the cloth! But you do what works best for you.

Wipes: I normally do cloth wipes at home, but we keep disposables in the diaper bag. Using the ones from our Honest Co trial right now and like them.

Hand sanitizer: I always have this is in my mini zipper pouch in my purse anyway. But it’s especially handy now after diaper changes!

Wet Bag: We use this for diaper changes, since we cloth diaper. However, a wet bag is also good for diaper blowouts and potty training accidents.

Changing Pad/blanket: I think everyone should use these and have them in their diaper bag. I know before we had kids, our nephews would be changed, bare butt on our nice expensive couches. My husband was shocked and horrified, and we were none too pleased. Even if you’re OK with it, just keep in mind using one of these will put others’ minds at ease. Heck, I still don’t want anyone changed bare-butt on our couch.

Outfit: in case he has a diaper leak, spit up, or I’m a bad mom and get salsa or ice cream on the occasion I was babywearing and eating at the same time. Sorry, Ellis.

Burp cloths: For cleaning up baby messes. I actually realized last weekend that I need to re-stock this in my bag when we went to do family pictures, and my nephew projectile vomited across JC Penny’s. My mom thought I would be prepared with my bag o’ tricks, but I realized I was actually without a burp cloth at that time! Whomp whomp.

Toy: “Keys” and a Sophie the Giraffe I bought on Zulily seem perfect for us. He’s teething, so everything goes in his mouth right now. Plus handing him a toy during diaper changes helps. He focuses more on the toy instead of grabbing other things or rolling over constantly lol.

Blanket: Especially with the cold months coming up, this is great to throw in with him in the car seat. Someone gave us an adorable embroidered minky taggy blanket, and he loves it!

Dreft stain removal pen: Got this at the baby shower. Used it some, but now that our little guy’s starting solids, I think he’ll be more messy, and this will get more action lol.

Coconut oil: Good for diaper changes in the early days, making for easy cleanup of meconium. Also good to use instead of lanolin for those first couple weeks when breastfeeding is rough on your nipples. Also makes a great pumping lubricant, helping maximize your output. Basically this stuff is good for everything. I keep mine in a tiny old glass jelly jar.

Snacks for mama: I tore through these like crazy in the first few weeks. It seemed like I was always ravenous. Plus it was so hard to find time to sit down and eat a meal all in one sitting. It felt like every time I was hungry and getting something ready to eat, the little guy decided it was time for him to eat too. So packing some snacks that I could eat on the run definitely came in handy! I’d keep things like granola bars and mash ups in the diaper bag on a regular basis, and I’d grab some fresh fruit on my way out the door too.

Pacifier: I’m sure most people will want one in their diaper bag. To be honest though, Ellis hardly ever used his. Mostly he preferred his thumb, and he’s already grown out of that too. Although so many people warned us that if we didn’t pacifier the crap outta him, he’d love his thumb too much. You can take a pacifier away, but you can’t take the thumb away, blah blah blah. Might be true for some, but turned out to not be a problem with our baby. Anyhow, the pacifier stays in the diaper bag, because the grandparents seem comforted to know it’s there and try and make him take it when they watch him lol.

What do you guys think? Anything I don’t have on here that you think is a diaper bag must-have?