10 month update

It’s been a while! The last two months have been a real whirlwind of change for us. Since we’re down to one income right now, we had to sell the house and downsize. I’ve been out of work since December, and we put the house on the market at the end of October. It was slow over the holidays with showings, but it picked back up in January, and we accepted an offer near the end of January and closed on our house a month later. Since then we’ve been staying with the in-laws until we close on our new home. We’ll be staying with the in-laws for 5 weeks before we are able to move in April 3. The same weekend we’re moving we’ll also be taking Ellis for his first road trip to San Antonio for a wedding. Lordy! Wish us luck. All of that to say we have been busy, busy!

10 month update | sharonisamom.com
My little man is getting so big!

Ellis is now 10 months old. Can’t believe we will be celebrating his first birthday party in less than two months!! Speaking of birthday parties, have you seen the adorable parties some kids have? I know my sister-in-law is something of a party wizard. My niece’s birthday parties had the best decorations, and EVERYTHING matches the theme. Stuff I wouldn’t even think of. I am just not that talented. She had a Frozen birthday party one year, and I thought to myself, “Jeez! My wedding won’t even look this pulled-together!” And my sweet friend Catherine threw her baby girl a wonderful first birthday party a couple months ago, and everything was so cute. There were even fun activities for the kids and a photo op! The pressure is real. Don’t go getting your hopes up from me though lol. Ellis was born on Star Wars Day (May 4), so at least we have a theme down. Like forever lol. Still have to figure it all out though…

Ellis is doing better and better with solids every day. He’s been eating two solid meals a day plus a snack, and we are working on this week increasing to three solid meals a day plus snacks. We are still doing baby-led weaning. We give him purees sometimes too, but mostly he’d rather have food that he can grab and feed himself. He’s tried a lot of new foods, and we’re starting to ease him into eating more of what we eat too. Some new things he has tried: spaghetti, avocado on sprouted grain toast, dairy-free yogurt with chia seeds mixed in, pineapple, pear, eggplant, butternut squash… Finding so many great BLW meal ideas on Pinterest too. Thinking we’ll try and make the spinach oatmeal pancakes for him this week!

At 10 months, Ellis is crawling all over the place. He is always on the move! He cruises all the time and climbs. Sometimes while he’s preoccupied with putting a toy in his mouth, he doesn’t realize he’s standing on his own. He’ll stand there for about 10 seconds before realizing and sinking back down to crawl again. We think he’ll be walking soon! He is always getting into stuff, whether he’s trying to get to the dog water/food or opening cabinets and taking my makeup brushes out. He just cut two more teeth up top a couple weeks ago, so now he has 6 teeth!

He’s so bright, and I love to see him learn “new tricks.” He waves, claps, high fives, says “mama” and signs for milk. Sign language is great to enable babies to communicate with us better when their oral vocabulary isn’t quite there yet, especially for babies 8 months to 2 years.

This little man has changed our lives so much. I love getting to be his mama. He is such a sweet baby boy. Don’t know how we got to be so lucky! He is growing up so fast already. Looking forward to seeing what his future holds! He makes us smile every day.