Boob & Baby review and giveway

It’s time for another product review and giveaway! This week I got to try Boob and Baby’s Boob Butter. This nipple cream is truly a godsend for new mamas. Those first few weeks of breastfeeding can be excruciating on sore, cracked nipples, and using a nipple cream every time you nurse is a must if you want to make it through this with nipples intact.

Boob & Baby review and giveaway |

Back in my early days of breastfeeding, I was given lanolin (Lansinoh and Medela brands), and it wasn’t until later that I realized what it’s made of, and that it’s not vegan-friendly. Aside from that, it was sticky and smelled funny.

The boob butter on the other hand feels quite luxurious: goes on smooth and doesn’t stink. Plus I don’t have to feel bad about the ingredients! It is lanolin, shea and beeswax-free and vegan-friendly (yay!).

The 1 oz jar will last you quite a bit too. Even if you’re using it every time you breastfeed, it’ll last you about 2-3 weeks.

As some of you may remember, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to pump more, so I could donate more breastmilk to babies in need. I’ve added the boob butter to my pump bag. I rub some on before I pump, as it makes for a great lubricant. I highly recommend this to maximize your pumping output!

If you find yourself with any boob butter left over, you can also use it for chapped lips, stretch marks, pregnant belly itching, diaper rash (it IS cloth-diaper friendly too!) and windburn. Wish I had this after my race in November! Poor Ellis came to cheer me on, and even though we bundled him up in the stroller, the 25 mph winds that day left his little cheeks with windburn. Boob butter would have been a perfect fix! The ingredients soothe and heal skin great. I’ve even tried it as a tattoo moisturizer! Great for healing new tattoos or as everyday moisturizer to keep tattoos bright and vibrant.

I’ll be giving away Boob Butter to one lucky mama on my Instagram, so make sure to tag your breastfeeding friends or anyone you know who’s expecting! It’d also make a GREAT baby shower gift. Score 10% off your order with code LETDOWN! Giveaway ends Sunday, January 31st, and winners will be announced on Monday February 1. Good luck, mamas!


Top 6 Toys That Are Not Toys

Scrolling around on Instagram the other day, I came across a hashtag that made me laugh, because it was so true. So I decided I needed to dedicate an entire blog post to share all of Ellis’s favorite #toysthatarenottoys! Here we go…

  1. Harley’s water bowl: So gross. If we don’t have the baby gate up, this is the first thing he crawls to. He’s so determined to get over there and stick his hand in that water bowl. It’s like he’s on a mission… to collect as much germs and doggie cooties as possible.
  2. Doorstopper: When he’s crawling around the bathroom, this is his favorite spot to sit. There are two doorstoppers so close: one on the bathroom door, the other on the linen closet. He happily plops in front of it and flicks it, drinking in every delicious second of that BOOOOOIIING sound.
  3. Paper: I’d like to think he likes paper, because deep down, he’s a reader. Just eager to soak in every bit of literature he can get his hands on. But he really just wants to grab it and put it in his mouth, of course. My husband actually found a bit of paper in his poopy diaper once. “It was blue ink. It had the letter ‘B,’” he told me. Perhaps he’s trying to make diaper changes more fun by making it into a game, trying to spell something out for us.
    Top 6 Toys That Are Not Toys |
  4. The green plastic piece behind the lion in his jumper: I wish there was an easier way to describe this one, but I’m afraid there’s not. Ellis is not amused enough by all the built-in toys on his jumper. Nope. The first thing he goes for is that green piece of plastic behind the lion. He reaches behind him, pulls it out, waves it in the air with a victorious shout, puts it in his mouth and throws it on the ground. Every. Time.
  5. Shoes: He is even so bold as to snatch them right off your feet. He’ll move them around and hide them. Sometimes he tries to carry it around in his mouth like a dog toy and crawls off with it.
  6. Vacuum cleaner: Ellis has always loved the vacuum. In the early days we’d play the vacuum cleaner noise on our phones to lull him back to sleep. Now he likes to crawl up to the vacuum to stand up. Our nephew was tasked with babysitting one day. He asked what he should do if he starts crying. “Vacuum?” he asked. I told him yes, Ellis would love it if you’d vacuum. He also loves it when you do the dishes and clean the bathrooms. Worth a try, right?

He also loves cellphones and remotes, and I’m sure there are things missing from this list that Ellis will remind me of later. What are your kid’s favorite toys that are not toys?

New Year’s Resolutions

Looking at the year ahead has me thinking about some goals I have for myself for 2016. I have plenty of the usual resolutions on my list (work out more, do more yoga, read to Ellis more, yadda yadda yadda…). But more specifically, here are the big things on list that I’d like to achieve this year. Thought I’d share them on here to hold myself accountable for these aspirations!

Our breastfeeding journey has come a long way! Ellis will be 8 months old on Monday, and he’s still mostly powered by breastmilk. My goal is to make it to the one-year mark and perhaps longer from there. Ellis will be one-year-old May 4!

Since I’m staying at home now, I rarely need to use the breast pump. I know there are moms and babies out there struggling with their breastfeeding journey. Some moms have medical conditions that cause them to have low supply, and some are unable to breastfeed at all. When I was pumping on a regular basis for Ellis, my stash grew, and we weren’t going to be able to use all of the milk before it went bad. So in October I decided to donate.

New Year's resolutions 2016: donate more breast milk |
My stash before I donated.

At first I’d donated to my nephew, who’s 3 weeks older than Ellis and was born a month early. I had given them most of my stash (80-145ish oz, forgot to count exactly). After a couple bottles of it, my nephew wasn’t doing too well with it, they think because I eat so much spicy food, it was making him gassy. I was bummed that they weren’t going to use it after all, but I requested they hold onto it, so I can find another good home for it. My stepdad apparently didn’t get the memo and THREW IT ALL AWAY. I was livid. So much time and effort I had spent pumping that liquid gold, just to have it get thrown away! The worst part was that at that point I’d already promised it to another mama who was in need and had to apologize profusely when I only had 33 measly ounces to donate to her sweet first-percentile baby. She was still very thankful, but I felt awful.

Anyway, all that made me want to set this goal for the new year, to make a point to pump so I could donate again. I’d like to be able to donate at least 200 oz, but it would be great if I could donate up to 1000 oz. We’ll see!

I won’t lie. My total mileage for what I ran in 2015 was way less than the previous year. I got pregnant late July 2014, but I managed to still run quite a bit while pregnant (scaled back some, but still running a lot). My total miles for 2014 was a whopping 470 miles. My total for 2015 was a measly 139.

Running goals for the new year |
Finishing strong at Big D in April 2014.

Running pregnant was a piece of cake compared to running postpartum. It’s not that running itself is more difficult, but that being able to get out there and go run has proven to be quite a challenge for me. I took 9 weeks off from running, (stopped at 38 weeks pregnant and picked it back up at 6 weeks postpartum.)

Even when I had the OK to go running again, it was in the middle of summer, so the heat wasn’t exactly ideal running weather. All that time off made things difficult for getting back into the swing of things. We have a nice BOB stroller for running, but it says to not take them running until 8 months (before that it’s supposed to just be used for walks). I know lots of people take their little ones running way before that, but we decided to err on the side of caution and go with what the manufacturer suggests.

Running goals for 2016 |
Finished one half marathon for each trimester of my pregnancy.

And my other excuse for my lack of miles this last year is simply timing. The little guy is still mostly breastfed and doesn’t eat a lot of solids still, so he relies on me for his meals. I try to feed him right before I go for a run/go to a race/head to the gym or make my way to yoga. I also don’t want to work out on an empty stomach or just-filled stomach, so I have to time my meals just right too to allow time for food to settle and make sure I have energy in me to run.

All of that to say I’ve had plenty of excuses. I think it’ll be easier in 2016 as Ellis doesn’t rely on me as much for meals and I’ll have more time now that I’m a SAHM and can take him out in the BOB now too. With the huge difference in mileage from 2014 (­­470) to 2015 (139), it’s hard for me to pick a goal for 2016 not knowing how realistic that number will be.


Running goals for 2016: Run a marathon |
Portland Marathon 2016, here we come!

I’m setting out to do 366 for the year, giving me an average of a mile a day (it’s a leap year). If I can do more, great. If I fall short, that’s OK too. And I’d like to run my first full marathon. Portland Marathon in October, perhaps?

I’d also like to set some new PRs (personal records) for race times. Here are my current PRs:
5K26:20 VOWS Bunny Hop April 12, 2014 (8:28 pace)
10K (OFFICIAL)- 1:01:36 Fort Worth Turkey Trot November 26, 2014 (9:54 pace), 4 months pregnant
10K (unofficial)- 57:28 Chocoholic Frolic November 29, 2015 (9:28 pace), 7 months postpartum. Note: It kills me that this isn’t an official time. I couldn’t get my shit together and started the race 7-9 min late and had trouble getting my Runkeeper started right away, but I had my Fitbit going to keep time. Something was weird with my late start, and for some reason the official results had me down for 1:04:and change. Anyhow I know this is my real time, give or take a few seconds. I hate so much that it’s not official though. Even more reason I need to break this PR.
Half Marathon2:10:45 Big D April 6, 2014 (9:58 pace)

2015 was a great year, and it’s looking like 2016 will be awesome too. Looking forward to working towards and achieving these goals. What are your New Year’s resolutions?