Teething Necklaces: Review and Giveaway

Teething necklaces rock. They’re cute and stylish for moms, and teething little ones love to chew on these silicone-beaded necklaces.

Teething necklace review sharonisamom.wordpress.com
Ellis found a teething necklace he approves of!

I got my necklaces from Zack’s Lucky Charms in right after Thanksgiving, and I’m already in love! I was excited to try it out, since Ellis already has his bottom two teeth, and the top ones are about to break through.

No matter what necklace I’m wearing, Ellis likes to grab it, put it in his mouth and gnaw away. Not always the best idea with most jewelry! That’s why I think this mama jewelry is such an awesome creation! It comes in plenty of cute designs, and the color combos are customizable too.

As soon as I put it on, Ellis gave it the ol’ taste test. He was going after it all day! He likes to chew on it when I’m holding him or wearing him in the ring sling, and he also likes to play with it while he nurses.

He loves it, and I do too. It’s officially mama and baby approved! I think it’s a must-have for anyone with a teething babe. Add it to your wish list for Christmas, or it’d make a great baby shower gift for a mama-to-be too.

Zack's Lucky Charms teething necklace giveaway sharonisamom.wordpress.com

After putting this one to the test, I am in love! I wanted to share these awesome teething necklaces with my readers, so I’ve partnered with Zack’s Lucky Charms to give away a necklace from their Mama & Mini collection to one lucky mom! Head over to my Instagram for your chance to win.

BONUS: Check out their shop here, and snag 15% OFF your order with code SHARONISAMOM. Enjoy!


One thought on “Teething Necklaces: Review and Giveaway

  1. I have been looking for any products for teething nowadays as my baby starts showing some symptoms as she always bite anything that she holds. I was bit anxious everytime I see her doing like that as I am not quite sure if biting toys and even her fingers is clean as I notice it late everytime. Good thing that you have shared with me some products that might help her everytime she tries to bit something and this is quite stylish. May I know how can I purchase this kind of teething product? I am looking forward to hear from your response.


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